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  • When is registration?
    Registration usually opens online in early March. We schedule Fun Day in early to mid June on a Sunday for players to register in person and pick up equipment. We will determine the dates by mid-February and post them on our website.
  • When does the season start?
    The season starts on the first Monday of August. Pop Warner and the Bux-Mont League set a "start date" each year that is determined by the first Monday in August. If the first Monday is "later" in August (such as the 6th or 7th), there is a chance that practices could begin on the last Monday in July (like the 30th or 31st). Flag football starts one week after tackle practices.
  • When are game schedules published?
    Game schedules are published in early August (usually by the 2nd weekend in August). Regular season games start Labor Day weekend. Please note that the last 2 weeks of the schedule ("Weeks 9 and 10") are always subject to change due to hethe teams that enter the playoffs (at 105s, 120s and 135s). Additionally, the league tries to make the last one or two games at all levels as balanced as possible (if the schedule can be adjusted).
  • How long are practices?
    90 minutes for the younger children (5-8) and 120 minutes for children ages 9-13.
  • When are games held?
    Regular season games usually begin on n the weekend after Labor Day Weekend and continue for at least 8 weekends depending on the level of play (i.e. Flag is usually only 8 games, tackle is 10-12 games). Games are played on Friday nights, anytime on Saturdays and on Sunday afternoon. Each team will only play one game per weekend.
  • Will my child play in every game?
    Yes! Pop Warner has "minimum play requirements" for all levels of football.
  • What happens if we are going on vacation in August?
    We have families every year that miss some practices in August. We understand that this may occur and can work around a child’s absence if we know in advance and if the absences is limited to one week for a competitive-level player (ages 10 and up) and to no more than 2 weeks for a child age 5-8. Please note that our August practices are very similar to "school" (lot of instruction) and missing August practices can result in your child being "behind" some of the other players (students) on the team.
  • What happens if my child misses practices because he/she attends PREP?
    PREP conflicts occur every year. Please inform your coach as soon as possible so he/she can try to schedule practices accordingly.
  • What happens if my child misses games or practices because of soccer or fall baseball?
    Although Pop Warner has "minimum play requirements", we are still able to sit a child for missing practices and/or games due to other sport conflicts (i.e. soccer or Fall baseball). We strongly discourage participating in a "second sport" during football season and your child will likely suffer from not getting valuable playing time and experience with the team.
  • How do you set your registration fees?
    Registration fees are based on three primary factors: 1. Value of participation based on number of practices hours and game hours (as compared to other youth sports programs). Football players and Cheerleaders will practice between 30 and 80 hours in a season (as compared to 5 to 20 hours for baseball or basketball players). Our base registration fee is comparable to all other youth sports (despite the fact that our facility maintenance costs and uniform costs are considerably higher). 2. "Personal" uniform costs. Tackle football players who complete the season will be awarded their game jersey. This cost is added to our base registration fee for tackle football. Cheerleaders who complete the season will keep their sneakers, body suit, bloomers and socks. These costs are added to our base registration fee for cheerleading. 3. Fundraising. We participate in a "cow plop" raffle that each player is asked to sell tickets for. It is held in October and is our largest fundraising event of the season.
  • Why do I need to volunteer? Can I "buy my way out" of volunteering?"
    All families must volunteer. Due to the numerous tasks required to run our league, we do not allow families to "buy out" their volunteer commitment. Please keep in mind that there are numerous volunteers (at least 20) who spend at least 200 hours per year volunteering their time.
  • Why do you close registration and limit the number of participants?
    We have a limited number of practice facilities and only one game field. We can only field a limited number of teams due to our field constraints. In addition, we limit the number of participants on each team/squad to enable the children to get quality instruction and fair opportunities for participation or playing time.
  • Who coaches the teams?
    ALL Pop Warner coaches, administrators, board members (even the web master of this site) are VOLUNTEERS. The volunteer head coaches apply for a coaching position every year (no one has "tenure)" at the January league meeting. They are then voted upon by the Lower Perk Longhorns Board of Directors. Each coach, head or assistant, must receive a majority ofmost approval votes from the Board.
  • How can I be a head coach?
    If you are interested in coaching football or cheerleading and would like more information, please contact us at
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