The Longhorns have always been and always will be an all volunteer, community based organization with the purpose of providing our members with the best possible youth sports experience.

Rocco Fusco


(610) 564-9112

Dan Griffin

Executive VP

Longhorns Board

Rocco Fusco, President

Dan Griffin, Executive Vice President

Dan Kelly, Vice President

Jared Gamble, Treasurer

Brian Booker, Registration

Jamie Pettacio, League Rep

Leigh Perone, Secretary

Colin Murphy, Football Member at Large

Dan Griffin, Football Member at Large

Sean Simpson, Football Member at Large

Mike Merschbach, Football Member at Large

Bill Wiley, Football Member at Large

Khrystin Herb, Cheer Representatives

Katy Lentz, Cheer Member at Large


Questions‭? ‬Feel free to reach out to Longhorns President Rocco Fusco.‬

Tel: 610-564-9112     Email:


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